Saturday, 14 November 2009


im allays on facebook going through the pictures of friends of friends thinking GOSH, she has loverrrly hair or WOW if only i had a dress like that.
come on, u know what i mean.
we all have our bored moment in which we sit there going i wonder what my friends sisters best mates latest hair colour is, and then we sit for ages going through all her pictures for no apparent reason.
and all i can think wen im doing it is MAN I WANT TO BLOG THESE PICTURES.
well,why cant i?
iv created this blog,solely for the purpose that im going to ask the permition of people on facebook if i can do posts of their photos, simply to sort of share with the worl this little bit of lovelyness iv come across.
i like to think of it as one big compliment to all the people i sorta slightly wished i looked like.
i reckon i will be able to do about 3 postes a week because obviously not everyone will say yes so i wont allways have people to post, but im really exited about it!

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