Saturday, 22 January 2011



polyvore is taking over my life

leave her, she is a dreamer

but you know what


my friend is sweet aww read this awww clever boy

he wrote this awwwww clever boy
he wants to be a standup comedian, seems to like girls with long dark hair and curvy figures who arnt dum and have a dark sence of humour and like sex.
he is nice and tall and not fat dont worry and looks a little bit like a bird but not in a really bad way not like omg that man looks like a bird more like oh Daniel, you look a little bit like a bird after about a month of knowing you.

any offers ladies?
yer so this is wat he wrote on his blog its some sort of poem or some shit. i think its good.

We met at the station
(she was half black half caucastion, no sorry he didnt wirte that i just had to add it in it was killing me)
in a hazy world of newspapers
coffee cups
flattened sweet-wrappers
pigeon shit
and xenophobic Londoners.
Just a passing glance. Once commuter to another.
A split second connection, lifetime affection.
I've seen you a thousand times.
Each time, different clothes, different hair, different voice, different skin, different face, same person.
I've seen our future together.
First date meet the parents awkward sex-life finish college part-time jobs start Uni tiny flat scrounging for money beans on toast lager & vodka chilly Winter nights huddling together for warmth, graduate,
dead-end jobs first car redundancies debts tears laughter arguments sex a little luck new jobs promotions in the black new car Summer holiday in Greece,
surprise pregnancy youthful panics 9 months a bundle of joy a shit-filled nappy no sleep the big three-o relationship doubts troublesome times,
second child rekindled love dinner parties wine & cheese comfortable wages grey hairs sagging skin erectile dysfunction viagra menopause kids grown & leaving home,
too quiet at home buy dog health problems depression retirement crosswords & daytime TV dog dies parents die no sex first grandchild love for life,
a lump it'll be ok slow deterioration I love you death bed funeral sorrow & regrets just memories and a lonely death.
I love you, whoever you are.

awww see awwwww
this is his blog
and if u want to see what he looks like he is the one who looks like a bird a bit with backcomed hair and a blazer in my birthday photos i posted a lil while ago. here they are


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