Saturday, 29 August 2009


this is awful
i think size zero is disgusting
i was gunna comment this girl but i couldnt make my mind up wether to rant at her about how terrible what she's doing is or to try to persuade her that she dosnt need to be a size zero and be simpathetic.
i mean, this is grose isnt it
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this is soooooo much nicer
slim but curvy and healthy

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  1. I agree with what you're saying about people starving themselves to be thin being a bad thing. But you could also turn it around 'cause some people have a go at people for being too skinny when they're their natural size, a good way to tell is if their face is sunken in or not, if their skin clings to their skull then they're not their natural size, I think that some people can look painfully skinny but still be completely healthy and just have a high mentabelism. I think that theres too much pressure on people to be the perfect size sometimes, like people in magazines ranting on about how this celebrity is too fat or this ones too skinny, thats getting rid of the wonderful diversity there is in life, it's nice to see people of all shapes and sizes. As long as people arn't starving themselves or gorgeing themselves then they're fine. You could flip this the other way as sometimes theres too much pressure on women to be curvy as well. I hate the pressure there is on men as well, there was a razor advert I saw recently, I think it was gillette, and it was showing how men all around the world use their razor, with models of all races in it, but all the men looked the same, they were all slim and tonned, and all had girlfriends, which kind of tells the men watching the advert that they have to be the perfect size to get a girlfriend, rather than showing men of all shapes and sizes(I prefer a man with a bit of meat on him myself). Anyhow sorry for the rant :]



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