Thursday, 9 July 2009

i want to go home

im sitting here acctually sobbing in the middle of this little internet cafe because it wont let me log into facebook.
i seriously dont think iv cryed to hard in ages.
im so lonely
i feel like im suffercating, iv done two days of painting walls white and i cant take it anymore.
i miss my boyfriend and my friends soooooo much its killing me.
i need to see my friend belle soon, its only now that i realise how completly mad with lonlyness im getting, and thats from only 3 days of no contact with the outside world.
and to top it all off i look horrid, its the worst part of the month so im all herty and bloated and spotty and im covered in paint that wont come off and herts too.
plz plz plz anyone who reads this who has me on facebook poste a big thing on my page telling everyone that im having tecnical difficulties and its no that i dont love them all.
fay if u read this im mainly counting on you my dear but anyone else im would still be more than grateful.

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